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Verte en los ojos de otros
y otros atroces reflejos
saber que no te tengo
y perderte en mis recuerdos
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 0 0
Morir como un suspiro
esperando algo mejor
besarte mientras me despido
en una mirada, un adiós.
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 0 0
Nadie te mira a los ojos
pues temen escucharte
vomita tus sueños
asesinando sus ilusiones.
Una copa llena menos en el mundo
la dulzura de saber
que te conquistare
un trago a la vez
una mirada a la vez
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 1 0
Me llamas
y llevas atado
al filo de un mundo
que se regocija
viendo me morir.
Vivir contigo
es un lujo
que no puedo pagar
morir es un castigo
que bien podría desear
el sadismo es negarme
ambas cosas.
Un mundo lleno de Nos
yo solo espero
algún Si...
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 0 0
y saber de la nada
saber lo que no soy
aprender lo me hace falta.
Te esperaba en mis palabras
buscándote en cada frase
llamandote cada mañana
llorandote cada tarde.
Tanto dijiste
algo me habrás enseñado
tanto yo callé
que algo habré escuchado.
Y esto sigue
si algo queda
que sean mis ganas
de seguir adelante
sin vos.
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 1 0
No tengo nada
y ojalá sea suficiente
para ti.
No te tengo
y aún así
es suficiente
para mi.
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 0 0
After the eyes
To learn
what are the eyes
meant for
while the door
remains open
the rain
it clears all
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 1 0
Teach me
To only stare you
with my eyes
but admire you
with my whole soul
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 1 0
The starts fall
they keep they voyage
my questions wonder
my answers await
I might still a road
I hope you will be my end.
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 1 0
Graffiti 19
Aunque no fuera un crimen
aún así seguiría preso
quien te dejó libre
sos la tentación en la que siempre caigo.
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 0 0
Graffiti 18
Escaparme como semilla
volver como árbol
mecerme con el viento
morir de pie
como quien pelea
como quien vive por lo que regresó
como quien muere y no importa
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 0 0
           echoing away
           being cast behind
           to continue
being alone
       in the corner of the corner
inside your dreams
       outside the storm
while your eyes
       bleed tears
I'm not falling
       I'm returning to the earth tonight
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 1 0
Un soplido que se va
Nadie grita mi nombre
solo viento
solo lluvia nada mas.
Nadie recuerda aquel hombre
una sombra
una duda nada mas.
Soy mil preguntas
al viento
un soplido
que se va.
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 1 0
I hope
I hope to become
voices within voices
that talk to your heart.
A bit of words
a beat of warmth
a beat that's all.
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 1 2
Quizás amanezca de verte sola
quizás yo sonría de tenerte cerca
quizás me queme mi lengua al hablar
quizás callar dijo más
que tan solo un "Hola".
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 0 0
Eres todos mis octubres
y transcurres entre mis suspiros
te persigo tras primaveras
y tus ojos me guían
y tal vez me hagan un día
Tu ojos tan inmensos
que mi mirada escapa a la tuya
tan tuyos
que temo nunca poder tenerlos
y otra hora perdida
en suspiros
:iconninio-solei:ninio-solei 1 0
Solo están los sueños que nunca tengo dormido... pues al seguirlos me mantienen despierto.----
Only are the dreams that I don't have slept ... because to follow them keeps me awake.

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Tener palabras para decir y guardarse los silencios para escapar de una pesadilla. Tus preguntas ausentes.

Have words to say and kept the silence to escape of a nightmare. Your absent Questions.



I'm still alive and kicking, but not in my best mood sorry.

I'm not writing currently.


Sigo vivo y aún pateando, pero no estoy re animo realmente lo siento.

No estoy escribiendo tampoco.
15k. And we are here.

Let's continue with the farce.
Not much to report.
An uncle died some days ago.

Big travel, more than 2k km. Everything is fine, just a humbling experience.

On a side note, happy new year.


The unheard voice
I like words more than many things. Thus is not strange that I like programming.
I like worlds so it's no strange that I like games for example.
I like sounds that remind me I'm still awake.

I'm a daydreamer. I'm insomniac too.
Between the worlds of day and night I'm both a ghost and a shadow.
But when it's time to touch you I will shake your world.

I hide the limits and encourage you to cross them.
I draw the points I want you to connect.
I write the end I want to meet.

I'm not shy but I'm quiet.
I'm passionate but so lazy most of the time.
I'm a little strange.
Sometimes I'm a little nonsensical and yet a very analytical person.

I'm a question, some answers, a breath taking mess and a land to discover.

Hanako Waifu Stamp by Jailboticus

Blind Guardian Stamp by hmryz Angra Band Stamp by hmryz
Girl Glasses Stamp by spentoggle
Lain Stamp by rebel-skum Toki wo Kakeru shoujo Stamp by Ru-x Kuriyama-blood by otharuka tDoHS: Kyon x Nagato stamp by Kaze-yo Life is Strange- Kate Marsh stamp by OoBloodyRavenoO [STAMP] Emilia Re:Zero by xBunnyGoth
Europa Universalis Stamp by misza1 Skyrim Stamp by uiopuiop Transistor stamp by whatitake Life Is Strange Stamp by exoticcheese Borderlands 2 Stamp by badtrane Katawa Shoujo Stamp by RenreiChanSpelunky Stamp by GamafortHotline Miami stamp by vomut
Steam Stamp by badtrane
Arch Linux Logo Stamp 1 by AnonymousLink firefox by urbanAR7 Open-Source Stamp by SuperGrouper


Las sonrisas no tienen dueño... pero pueden ser robadas.
Las sonrisas que dejaste... no pueden ser olvidadas.
Las sonrisas que buscabas... no pueden ser halladas....
las profana el tiempo
y miles de suspiros
Another lonely Valentine day.

Fuck my white ass, literally.

But to be honest I don't care. Who's to blame, me I just can't have a normal relationship, is simple as that.
Me gusta cuando me decís
que nada puede ir mal.
~ Valle de Muñecas
My ranks are hollow, my soldiers lost, my guns depleted.

Shall I stay and Fight?

Shall I go to sleep?

I will make you my general now, to the sunset marching now.
They all fall, the night too. With words someday I will rise high enough to not fall for you again.
Being the coward capable to speak with a woman about love but never speak the love to whom.
Entre tantas palabras, ame a tantas mujeres que se parecían a ti. Y sin embargo aún estoy por conocerte.
Two enemies having a confrontation in the night of Gotham.

"Why, why is always you. It's not funny anymore. Always so serious, you never rest?"... he laughed.

"You never get fun"

"A bad day, I had many of those. A night can change everything, instead of having fun my job is protect the city from bad jokes like you".

"I see" he laughed again.

"There is where you are wrong..." he put a serious face.

"I had bad days too." he puts a sad face

But he grins now.

"Life is a joke if all you do is wait for a punch line."Heres Joker! 
I don't believe in luck but I still dream with lotteries.
Macri dijo "Argentina está tomando velocidad." Yo creo que quiso decir. "Geronimoooo" lol.
Macri said "Argentina is taking speed" I think he meant "Geronimoooo".
I dreamed with an old high school mate. She was so cool and I loved her, not in the romantic way (still she was really hot) but I was in love with her personality. I loved to spend time with her, I loved it so much. My appreciation of time changed around her both a day were short and endless.

It's so nice to remember something that I had already forgot for the most part.

Nice Wednesday.
I'm getting tired of the shit of leave a llama/fav only to attract pages view. Stop your bullshit, I spent many hours in my work and I value your time and appreciate your attention and all but if you don't give a crap then feel free to go elsewhere.
I mean, poetry should count for inktober rite?
I was pooping and I saw this spider walking in the door...

Is it normal that I found it cute? Later I saw it again, and I was awwww. I remember being a kid an feed spiders with other insects, in general hate insects but I love spiders (spiders aren't insects technically) soo yeah.
I'm feeling that my account is wasteland.

Is someone still reading me?
El sol se muere
las estrellas se queman
la avenida desierta
tal vez tu ya estés dormida
pues que la tarde decida
como termine mi día.
Y si no tengo nombre
y soy sólo una sombra.
Si soy un par de nubes
y alguna luna muerta.

Tal vez muera de día
y me vengue de la noches
consuma vidas ajenas
y te deje en penumbras estremecidas.
alejado de lamentos
y mirando me en un espejo
contemplando lo demás.

esperando los reflejos
o las luces del final
de  un túnel pasajero.

continuando al mas allá
relojeando horas sin terminar
estoy sin vos y muy lejos.
Hay unos y otros.
Hay miles de gritos pero ni uno solo que se haga escuchar.
Hay miles de granos de arena, pero no pueden llenar un mar.
Hay miles de miles, pero ningun@ tan especial
sos vos y tu sonrisa, mi agua mi arena, mi barco mi fuerza para navegar.


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Sure. The only thing is that I'm not that up to date with TLoK or with all the avatar world anymore. Not mentioning I do not follow the comic.

Probably there is wiki or something with more info. But go ahead.
Frostbite883 Featured By Owner Edited Jun 13, 2016
LoK Book Four AU Question: If Suyin had just helped to rebuild and restore the Earth Kingdom by only being an adviser to anyone who'll end up being the new leading person of the EK (by teaching the Earth Kingdom ruler on how to have EK citizens to fend for themselves against those who crave initial bloodshed and civil war, upgrade and modernize the kingdom and to find a way to keep things from going down hill like before once the ruler hands over his  power to Wu), what would the outcome be if that scenario happened?
ninio-solei Featured By Owner Edited Jun 13, 2016
That's an interesting question.

The earth kingdom was ravaged by the war in first place but also by they own corruption and lately by they backward minded rulers (or by they secret police).

It's pretty much implied that Kuvira wasn't bad she just have the wrong perspective (to call it some way). So Kuvira was aware of the poor state of things and  just wanted to restore all the glory of the Earth Kingdom and she only started the war against Republic City because it was a former EK land. Baatar Jr. also mentioned that the plan of Kuvira was a vision shared by both so while they are still together they represent a threat to the peace of the world.

So considering that, I still believe that there will be a clash between Suyin and Kuvira, probably it could be a war and but certainly not a vine-nuke. I think if Suyin was the one to take care of the Earth Kingdom instead of Kuvira, the couple will eventually try to run a coup d'état, try to kidnap Suyin and also Wu, and convince the Dai Li (the secret police) for support it.

Then try to brainwash Wu and stablish a puppet government, all under the nose of Suyin.

If anything this scenario will only delay things. But Kuvira will have less chances of success.
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